About Oliver and Bonacini

O&B Artisan

O&B Artisan, our own offering of unique, hand-crafted breads, baked goods, chocolates and confections.
We believe that great food can never be mass-produced. That’s why we created O&B Artisan, an in-house bakery and confections studio. Working with some of Canada’s very best artisan bakers, pastry chefs and chocolatiers we produce specialty foods for O&B’s many restaurants, and run a boutique shop at Hudson's Bay Queen Street

In small batch production only, with a uniquely Canadian twist, we make exquisite hand-produced items like buttery, melt-in-your-mouth croissants, home-style cherry pies, sinfully sweet butter tarts and our signature sourdough loaves using our very own, naturally fermented culture made from Ontario Riesling grapes. Sandwich breads at O&B Canteen and Bannock are freshly baked by O&B Artisan daily.

Our truffles, barks, fruit and nut clusters, and chocolate bars are hand-crafted and feature globally sourced premium quality chocolate—pure and delicious. O&B chocolate is also featured in our rich brownies and delectable cookies.

Our sugar confections, including caramel popcorn and meringues, are freshly made and beautifully packaged, making an ideal favour for any occasion or an indulgent treat for yourself!

Our O&B Artisan retail boutique and gelato counter is located at Hudson's Bay Queen Street (176 Yonge St. at Queen, lower level).

Posted on: 2/16/2010
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