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Profile: Cyrus Cooper, Director, Restaurant Operations, O&B

•    Top 30 under 30 recipient, 2008, Ontario Hostelry Institute
•    Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management 2009
•    General Manager, Jump Restaurant
•    General Manager, Bannock
•    District General Manager, Oliver & Bonacini
•    Director, Restaurant Operations, Oliver & Bonacini
•    NOW Magazine Profile, November 2011 

What is your role at Oliver & Bonacini?

I am the Director of Restaurant Operations with O&B and I have the opportunity to work with teams of inspired young chefs, managers and staff members all of whom are passionate about food, wine and delivering an exceptional guest experience.

How did you get involved with O&B?

In 2004 I emailed Michael Bonacini and asked him if I could meet with him and have a conversation about the hospitality industry. He responded to my email within hours and the next day I was sitting in his office learning more about the restaurant business, not having worked a day a restaurant. We spoke for two hours about how he got his start in the industry, Toronto’s culture and cuisines from around the world. After that meeting I switched my major to Hospitality and Tourism Management and had an interview to become a Server Assistant at Auberge du Pommier. Eventually I worked as a Server, Supervisor, Assistant Manager and General Manager in six different Oliver & Bonacini locations.

What is your best O&B memory?

The 2009 O&B Biff’s Cup baseball tournament would have to be my best memory. I was new to the team at Jump as an Assistant Manager and I look back on this tournament as a catalyst in the development of the team at Jump. As I was not the only new member to the restaurant this was the first real instance that we all worked together to accomplish a goal, in this case winning the tournament! From that moment on I believe the new team at Jump started to take shape and the momentum began.

What do you attribute to your success?

Always staying true to my values and beliefs, and following three simple rules:

1.    Showing up on time
2.    Asking questions
3.    Trying hard to always give it my all in every instance

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